Important Facts About Food Labels


It is very important to know where to look first when you are reading any food label. Facts like serving size, daily values, nutrient information or calories, are playing a very important role in this label skill building process. Daily values will give you valuable facts about recommended dietary information and important nutrients like fiber, sodium, and fats.

Not all people look at these labels for the same reason. Since the only thing that really matters to us is the health of our customers, our food label specialists and experts will help you to build your label skills and level up your knowledge about everything that you need to know about the ingredients and their chemical content.

Food-LabelsFood labels are providing an insight on the ingredients of some product. This does not mean that the one who is reading those labels actually understands the real meaning of those pieces of information. For this reason, our nutritionists are here to help our customers and educate them so they can actually use the information much more easily and effectively in their everyday lives.

Every fact counts when it comes to the health of our customers. The serving size will tell you how many servings are there in one food package which will further lead you to reevaluate how many servings are you consuming. Each information has its meaning and reason why it is there.

Nutrients and the percent daily value

NutrientsCalories are very important because they provide you with a measure of how much energy you can get from what you eat. The calorie section on a simple food package can actually help you to manage your weight if you follow what it says and do not take more than the average intake.

According to our nutritionists and experts, the nutrients that should be avoided the most are limited nutrients like fat, cholesterol and sodium, while vitamins, minerals, and fibers should take prime in your nutrition.

We will be more than glad to be of any assistance to anyone who is willing to learn everything about labels and ingredients and healthy nutrition in general.

We can provide the full details about the percent daily value and what it really means and take you through a quick guide so that you can better understand what it means for you. Based on your daily calorie needs, your daily values may be higher or lower.

It is of great importance to take great care when you are reading these facts. Avoiding high calorie nutrients can help you to stay healthier while still enjoying your favorite foods. Educating yourself about the meaning of food labels will help you to stay healthy.

Salvin Gaulet